Editorial Reviews. Review. "Kevin Hearne, Jim Butcher, K.F. Breene and now Shayne Silvers . There's the first chapter, Nate's sweaty balls er, magical spheres, for a belly laugh, until you cry. Indie is still lost, God's are rising, new friends. Editorial Reviews. Review. Epic in scope, Tiny Americans is a poignant examination of the ties site Store · site eBooks · Literature & Fiction . She is a Los Angeles-based actress with television credits that include ER, Law & Order. Oct 26, If you write a small, free eBook, you'll have a great piece of promotional out there, so you'll be far from the only NaNo-er doing non-fiction.

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Eigen ebooks er op zetten gaat eenvoudig via itunes. . the library is beyond extensive, but the only problem that I've had is with reading books on my iPad Mini. Cold Press - A Gripping British Mystery Thriller - Anna Burgin Book 1 ebook by David Evidence of Trust (Colorado Trust Series: 1) ebook by Stacey Joy Netzel. Microsaurs: Follow that Tiny-Dactyl (Microsaurs series) by Dustin Hansen. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

They get you familiar with written forms. So, where can you find e-books in Chinese? Weibo Books Weibo Books offers an excellent selection of world-renowned publications that have been translated into Chinese, as well as original Chinese language books.

Unlike Weibo Books, not all of these are published offline. At the same time trouble is brewing in the Western Regions, and a conspiracy is underway to topple the authorities of the Central Plain.

site site site offers a selection of Chinese e-books through site. With a site app, you can read e-books on any device. Go to the Foreign Languages category, and then select Chinese language, which currently has over 4, titles. Loyal Books Loyal Books is a free online library. The exercises plus the practice really work.

My one complaint is that I was under the impression, based upon their advertisement, that I would be able to uses it with my iBooks. Upon closer inspection after I bought it , I realized I can use it with public domain books that double as iBooks, but nothing current. Those were "weasel words. Hi This is a great App. It helps a lot with reading speed, I have one thing to share with you. I can't import books from iBooks into the Quickreader Any suggestion.

Thanks Fox Since my favorite reading app no longer works, I have found this to be the perfect replacement and has improved my speed reading skills at the same time…. Dovrebbero aumentare i titoli di letteratura x ragazzi. To developers: Best app for portable reading while provide addition new skill in our busy life. With ability to add multiple bookmarks I would give it five stars. Quick access to great free books. Even if you don't use it to increase your reading, it is a great app to read with.

It moves you along and if you increase the WPM, you will see an increase in your reading. Very good aid for reading. It would be helpful if dictionary option include in next update.

Writing review should be more simple for example, "nickname" entry is irritating. So many nick name were tried it seems, that all the nick names are taken!!!! It became very difficult to submit the review. Kindly make it simple to submit. Having learnt some speed reading techniques some years ago, but neglected them a bit recently, this is a great app for truly automating the process. Just sit back and read, you don't need to press anything.

It's also useful to know the time remaining to the end of the chapter and book. A good selection of titles are installed with the app. Molto utile e semplice da utilizzare! This is a great app that is very helpful in increasing reading speed. I just wish I could use it with all my site books. One major downside though, no dictionary look up tools within the app!! I'd give it 5 stars if there were a look up tool.

Would like to see dictionary integration and one word on screen reading capability like in acereader for pc. I know that is another software but something that mimics this feature for productivity reading would make your app rock totally out of this world. Very good!

QR has many interface options for comfortable reading. I would ask for a way to select text in the application e. You speed read, come across an important passage in the text and want to copy it. PDF support would also be nice. Otherwise, probably the best for casual ePub speed reading…. Really one of the best ereaders I've found, lets u download from many other FREE book sites if u like reading independent authors, I'd recommend it.

I like this app but I wish they had comprehension tests connected with each text. I feel my speed is increasing, but I worry my comprehension of the material is not as strong.

Therefore comprehension tests would solve that easily. I love this app for reading my books in, I mostly use the normal read function but I have had a couple of goes at the speed reader. Program works great, my reading speed hasn't improved much… But that's more from lack of use.

When I have not read anything and a book for a week, I have to search for that book! That is if I can remember it's name.

While continuing to read the book it's excellent. I'll like it's capability to view different fonts, different font colors and backgrounds. I prefer it over any of the other readers I have tried. I have been using this app only for a day and already my reading speed has increased. Also,It's training my eyes to move across the page without stoping to become fixated on a single word.

Not to mention the plethora of reading material from hundreds of topics. I love it!! This app is my new best friend.

Espero sacarle el mejor provecho. This app has it all. The content and the necessary tools to get your speed reading in no time. Within the limits of a mobile screen, it is a pretty handy app. I would recommend this. Works perfectly, thanks! I don't want to read in any other app!

Love it!!!! This app if nothing else give the reader a vast and wide-ranging access to the literature of the world.

In my opinion it is also the best reader. Leo y leo y sigo leyendo donde sea!!! QuickReader, ustedes muy muy bien! Really useful app must have if you like to read and don't have much time to!

Helps learn to speed read. There are several kinds of reading for me: That's because I'm a writer, a knowledge worker dependent on research read: Word consumption is my job. In my line of work QuickReader kills. In a world where production is everything, the app makes me more efficient, and it's also kinda fun. I find This app is great for reading in an iPod screen, not having to touch the screen every page like in a standard reader makes things a lot easier.

This app is also speeding up my reading and I enjoy knowing exactly how much time it will take me to finish reading. Esta aplicasion es exelente facilita mucho la rapida lectura y te da acceso muy sensillo a libros fantasticos. Necesito incorporar a quikreader los archivos de mi biblioteca personal sin encontrar como hacerlo.

Podrian por favor incorporar esta funcion? Uso Ipod 4a gen. Excelente app para incrementar nuestra velocidad de lectura asi como el acceso a incontable numero de libros! Simplemente excelente! Dit is een aardige snellezer, maar bepaalde opties maken het geen prettige ervaring. Allereerst kan je niet zelf kiezen waar je op de bladzijde begint met lezen.

Het pauzeren werkt vervelend, doordat een groot deel van de tekst wordt geblokkeerd…. Quick Reader is awesome! Thanks to Quick Reader, I am reading faster and enjoying it more.

Very good app! I continuously read on the quick reader. At normal speeds for pleasure and to reread old novels in the speed read settings. By far the best tool I have found for increasing my reading speed. Excelente app muy recomendable si no te gusta leer con esta app te va a gustar. It's useful and really does work but the joltiness of the moving marker can get irritating. If it would glide smoothly instead, then that would make for much more natural reading.

Since I started attempts at improving my reading speed, this is the ultimate. It's the total package.

I did not give it full marks as I am not aware if the software works on other platforms like ebook readers. An app like this has to be universalized. Great stuff. Absolutely flawless. Intuitive, almost requires no user manual or training. Interface excelente e eficaz. I love a pre set of books and ability to download new books as well. Over time I did notice that my reading speed improved significantly. One suggestion I'd like to make is to add an option to read flashing words with a set number of words as opposed to reading highlighted text on the whole page.

Very well designed app for reading However, it doesn't work with traditional chinese words in clipboard reading. I am sure this app will be much better, if it could support traditional chinese words.

La idea excelente y funciona bien, pero seria mucho mejor si trajera traducciones. Very nice to continue my English learning lessons.

You got an "A" from me. Five stars for me now that there is finally! I tried Stanza recently but really like MegaReader now so quickly switched back. I've read 5 books in the past month because of this app. It feels good. Improves my everyday life too. Great application, however it lacks annotation and highlight functionalities. Si tuviera mas estrellas se las daba, estoy feliz de haberla obtenido. Felicidades a los desarrolladores.

Excellent app, please add the flash speed reading method where single words or phrases flash on screen quickly to read. Amazing, very useful and user-friendly app.

An essential app for every bookworm.

The best epub reader available and the best part is that it's absolutely free! This is by far not an dead app. Iam an avid reader and speed and accuracy is a must in my spare time.

Thank you for making it easier and entertaining for the digestion of the alphabet on page. I would like to see an update that allows you to import downloadd books on iBook into quick reader. I believe this update will put this team right on top of the social reading net work!!!!

Of the many users of iBook that are frustrated!!!! This app is an awesome tool for measuring and developing your reading skills across all types of reading materials! An excellent download and something that can be used for a long long time. The new enhancements expand the functionality even more. Great to be able to have on the iPad as well!!!!

I like the app, I find it imports easily. It lacks a dictionary and a copy function so I have to exit out to eReader and type in the word into my M-W dictionary. Cuts off the top of the page intermittently. It's absurd how quickly it improves your reading speed and comprehension. This is a great app for improving your speed reading while offering you a great library of free books. You can also read in normal reading, but who would want to when you can save so much time, to read more books, while raising your speed to read more, to….

I also find very useful to be able to be able to transfer the books from Calibrate. I am a reader with average speed between — WPM , would like to improve the reading speed. And this app is the only suitable app for my purpose so far. Keep the good work! It is helping me to read faster. I only wish that I could order the books in a particular way as some of my books don't seem to show which is the first in a series.

Very good I'm 13 and I go all over the us and for long trips throw it in your bag and then u dont have to carry all those books. I just wish I didn't have to use iTunes to update my personal library. This is a good app for speed reading and normal reading. The only reason why I give is app a four star is because the books tha re on it are not that good, and yes I know that you can put more books on it but I still dont like the book selector. Other wise this is a great and cheap speed reading app I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase there speed in reading.

I am a history major and I need to read a ton of texts, but this app has still managed to improve my reading. My two favorite things are: I definitely recommend it. My reading skills have greatly improved after just a month of using this app. Love the large variety of customizable options, and the huge selection of texts.

It would be nice to be able to use this app with various other texts, rather than having to copy and paste text into this application. Minor issue though. I used this app all the time many months ago. I had so many great things I wanted to read, that I ended up loading so many books that it would crash on me. They took care of that issue thank you!

It is back on top as my favorite app! Thank you! This is a very helpful app and superior to many speed reading programs I have downloadd in the past. I just wish it was easier to use app with daily papers, site books etc… It would be helpful to be able to launch and utilize this app for everything I read.

Wanted to give it 4 stars because there is room for improvement but it's so good I like to think of my self giving it 5 out of 6 stars. I'm a writer. QuickReader kills. In a world where production is everything, the app makes me more efficient. I realy like this app as well and I know for a fact that it uses one of the main techniques that are found in reading classes and programs the world over. However, one thing it doesn't have that I think it needs is a que of the books you've been reading in order of frequency or chronology.

Thank You for reading my reveiw. I started out only been able to read at words per minute, now I'm almost at Amazing app, still using it, I'll have doubled my reading speed again in about a month I reckon. Great job guys! Have been using QuickReader for quite a while, have gradually but dramatically improved my reading skills. Reading books, emails, articles, bible… A breeze after training the eye with QuickReader. I'm a second year medical student.

This app has cut my study time in half and drastically improved my grades and comprehension through repetition. Na androidzie nie ma nawet podobnej.

No more distraction from the white font in the status bar when reading at night. The upgrade went smoothly, kept my place in books I was reading. I tried going back to Stanza but really like MegaReader so quickly switched back.

I have been looking for a speed reading app for a long time. This app fits the bill. The price is worth it. The only thing that would make it better is if they would let you bookmark different parts of the book. This app is very helpful for improving consistent reading speed. It has a good library of classics to enjoy and a great interface to assist you. My only gripe is there is no way to track my progress. Also, I would like to have some exercises to help increase reading speed.

User Reviews

I'm really glad I downloaded this app. I've tried learning speed reading before from books, but have always given up on it. First off, calculating how many words per minute you're reading is really tedious and annoying. Second, in order to increase your speed, you have to do drills where you read faster than you can comprehend.

This has always felt like a waste of time to me. With this app, you just set it for how many words you want to read per minute and follow the cursor with your eyes. That's it. You're speed reading. Plus it comes with plenty of classic books to read and more to download. I feel like a sucker, because I paid ten bucks last month to get The Great Gastby on my site.

Turns out its one of the free books on this app. Much better than the Apple alternative. These guys really deserve support. At time of reading I need possibility read faster without menu calling. Need possibility to define screen zone for increase reading speed on predefined value: It improves reading speed.

And it turns reading into a fun activity to look forward to. I love it. I just wish it was easier to use app with daily papers, site books etc… It would be helpful to be able to launch and utilize for everything I read. Great for reading ePub format books. It would be better if you could search for book titles in your library. I would also love to have a text to speech option. Molto bello! Great app for free books but needs to be able access books locked with digital rights.

I've tried varies other programs to increase and this one really is simple and to the point, it increases your reading speed. I used to always use Goodreader for my books because it had scrolling but it did not turn the pages for me. The Speed Reader feature means I don't have to turn the pages. It's very easy to get material into it and then save it for later. The integration with Instapaper is nice. I'm definitely reading faster in the app itself, and hope that with enough practice it will carry over to other reading — both electronically and with paper.

I remember Evelyn Wood devices from a long time ago and have always wanted to try speed reading again. I'm very happy to have this app. This app has helped me increase my reading speed to words a minute. Love the available customizations. Nut once I got it to push the right amount for my speed, I found it to be very enjoyable. I love the auto page turn. Low battery use, format readability, and ease of use make me appreciate this app. Any suggestions might revolve around an ability to dog-ear pages or paragraphs and make my own notes.

I would love to be able to use this product while researching a topic as well as creating separate files comprised of those findings. I like the way the app teaches me how to read faster. The reading experience is not as flashy as iBooks but still great. This app can be paired with Calibre on the PC so you can access epubs from your library wirelessly. Lots of customization options and an intuitive interface make it a better than any other speed reading software I have used. Very good for getting started.

A 'finger drag' option would be great. Got this app after looking into speed reading, and I must say that I'm hooked! My eyes tend to wander when reading an ordinarily. This app has me up to words per minute already! Try it out!! I've tried desktop programs before and found it hard to make the time on a regular basis to sit down and practice.

With this app I pull it up whenever I have a few minutes to spare and I can practice times a day. The app needs to be able for user to import eBooks. The library that's included is large if you want to read a variety of public domain classics, but this could be so much better being able to download third party eBooks and import them.

Feature request: Needs ability to specify number of words at a time as an alternative to number of chunks per line. All in all, none of these issues would keep me from downloading this app again.

Just a personal tip: What a great app! I'd love to have a search function though so I can quickly jump to where I left off on my site or actual book. This app is so easy to use my 87 year old mother can download, read and delete books without any assistance. She is recommending it to other family members! We don't use the speed reader, but it is simple to opt out.

Great app, loads of free books in the libraries. This is a great app to help improve reading speed.

9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books

To the developers, please incorporate a way to access books from iBooks. Other than that this app is well worth the money, I've only used this app for about two days and can already notice a difference in my reading abilities! The speed reading aspect promises well and I hope to move above average speed with its help. The flexible settings for normal reading make it a very agreeable ereader.

I have not found how to use the iPad dictionary with it — perhaps it does not offer that facility. Plenty of free ebooks are available and easy to find with the search facility. Well worth the price of the app. I usually don't waste time writing reviews, but this app is just the best bang for your buck. I started reading WPM which is way low and after a month of maybe 20 to 30 minutes a day I'm reading comfortably at WPM which is incredible.

My goal is get to WPM in less than 6 months. I just love this app and the customizations tools make reading incredibly comfortable and easy. Just load your favorite novels you don't have to read the ones included and with a little discipline you'll be reading 5 books a week with no problems. Using this app for a couple of weeks has doubled my reading speed! There are a couple of things which I would like to see it able to do though. Column width should be more flexible allowing space to be wasted on screen so that you can set an arbitrary width.

This would enable a gradual increase to help improve focus width. Some way to add highlights in the book so that you can jump back to where you found interesting quote. Huge selection of free books. Tons of customization options. Endless reading. Easy to use and I find myself reading all the time at doctors visits or anytime I am waiting for an appointment. Not only do I now read faster, I now read with more comprehension.

I just wish it had Readability integration both for your reading list and for putting in a URL and getting plain text. download it!!! Love and use this app all the time especially for the loads of books available.

Speed reading part is very cool and helps to improve your speed at reading. This app is awesome! I only have two suggestions: It would also be nice if u had instructions on how to get the best result from this program on the app. Leider funktionieren keine PDFs, nur. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden. This app does what it claims. I found the ui easy to use and it works. Now if I were only disciplined enough to keep using it! Probably one of the best, if not the best reader one the market right now.

My reading time improved very quickly. It would be nice to have a guide to how to drill yourself for best progress. I'm completely happy with this download. The recent upgrade make me confident that the rest of the missing features will be added in due time. Using this together with other reading enhancement apps and it is the perfect complement. If it would add a "power reading" one line only version with constant refresh it would be perfect.

The app is great, sometimes when converting books to ePub, the formatting gets weird and hard to read. Idk if they have straight reading from PDF yet, but overall, this is the most used app on my iPad. On top of that, I read so much faster.

Plus most ebooks r free. I finally gave up on Bookshelf after recent updates trashed it. This app works flawlessly with every book I've tried so far, and the Feedbooks downloads were fast and easy. The flaw I encountered was a total inability to log onto Baen books and download stuff I've paid for. Aside from that one problem, the app is slick, and very well executed, and the speed reading concept works surprisingly well.

Highly recommended! Brakuje tylko funkcji czytania formatu PDF. It gives you so many options of books to read, and even let's you change settings like background, font size, and font color. I suggest getting it, especially if you have an iPad. Very good app. You can set the font in size and style to suit your preferences. Missing is a search function.

You have to scroll through the whole list to get to the author or title. Also you should be able to edit the author's name because many a time the names are spelled two or more different ways. Keep up the good work. Love this app! But I can't figure out how to transfer books from iBooks through the iTunes file share. I thought the recent updates allowed this. Is there a way to get support to help explain? I would use this app more if it could access content stored in iBooks.

I stick with iBooks for the iPhone to iPad syncing. This app is close to perfect. It needs a dictionary, bookmarking, highlighting, and copy functionality. The speed reading capability is excellent. Love this app. It's fantastic for reading all the classics I've been trying to find time for.

I do wish it was easier to read articles online, though. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be to some how read my iPad site books with it. Really a great app. Only thing better would be to get more books, compatibility with site or nook accounts. You guys are really listening. Thank you so much for the update. Also ability to add our own books is really helpful. If you want to improve one's reading ability or just like to read this is the APP for you.

Helps me focus in reading that's never been possible before. Would have given it 5 stars but the program lacks the following basic functions Highlighting text Dictionary access Please put these features in updates.

I absolutely agree with this. Anyone can create a fully-functional and high quality e-book in a month. Everything you need is time and will. I especially like the part with a timer — absolutely one of the best tools for writers. Thanks Nadia! I highly recommend using this time and the momentum of the writing buzz to write an ebook. A group of us are going to be posting each week and coordinating our efforts on the 30days hashtag. See details and feel free to follow along at http: I still have a few days to select my topic.

Good luck, Cathy! Look at all these comments! I only have 12 recipes so far, but maybe I can pad it out. Or something. All I know is I love making them, and showing people how to make them, and I figure that will somehow shine through in anything I write about them.

Thanks again for the motivation! Thanks Paul! You could also go for a shortish ebook that way 2 weeks of recipes sounds perfect and then write a more detailed ebook once you see how that one goes down. The parts of your post that I like the most are the ones related to being productive and also being accountable to both yourself and your target audience in terms of really committing yourself to achieving your goals. Personally, I can very passionately speak in favor of being productive as well as maintaining your focus on achieving your most important goals because one of the main reasons why I have wasted my last 7 and more years not being able to make money online and also not being able to live my life to the fullest is simply because I was paying my attention to the wrong things.

Having said that, I am glad to tell you that I have recently started my first blog ever in order to connect with my audience and write on topics that they are truly interested in based on some of the tips you have generously shared with us here. Finally, any of your comments on my first ever post displayed on my first ever personal blog that I have recently created after a very painful, shocking and agonizing 7 year struggle of trying to make money online in order to reach and fully enjoy my ever desired dream lifestyle would be more than welcome and well appreciated.

Thanks Bruno … and very best of luck with your blog and with your goal. Hope it goes well! Notice the high confidence level there, yes? My one practical not motivational concern is that some sections will necessitate research that will bog me down during the writing phase. Karen, that is tough — and when I made the outline, I decided to work on the probably slightly unfair! I always try to choose ebook topics that I already know a lot about, because I get bored quickly with research….

Best of luck! Nice Strategy Ali, I write about blogging from last one and half year. Now I wanna publish my free ebook on wordpress customization and globalization. Now I am very motivated after reading this article.

It need so much concentration and freshness also. Hope your strategy will also work for me. I was invited by a friend to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, and accepted. However, since then, I have been really feeling that what I need to write is an eBook for my website, rather than fiction. I had just recently decided that was what I was going to do anyway — complete the task in the spirit if not the letter of the NaNoWriMo law. I like the public commitment and knowing that others are doing it too.

Thanks — good luck everyone! Good luck with the ebook, Brent! Hope you have a great November. Great piece of advice. Nice Article. I was in a process for my first e-book and i found this article on the right time. I have been toying with the idea for a couple of years now of just sitting myself down and getting started on a few topics I have in mind for E-Books. I had never thought about the 30 minute timer before, that is an excellent idea!

Not to mention I have an extremely bad habit of editing what I write as I go rather than using the draft type style. I believe I may just sit down and get started…Thanks! Thanks Brad — and good luck! The timer trick works well for an awful lot of writers, so I hope it helps you out too. Thanks Ali, It already has to be honest with more than just writing, after reading this I also implemented the timer practice in my web development too.

I always have a number of projects going at once and would often get caught up in one and fall behind in the others, using the time I have been able to work for a set time on all of them and work on all of them throughout the day. Production is up! I wrote a short autobiography few years pass, protecting it and having it registered in the Library of Congress.

I will have to re-write it to remove certain entries that will not take away any idea or points of information. My current concern is time and eyesight,one eye and it is currently stable but somewhat diminished. I have the cover of the publication fixed in my mind, to posittively wet the mental appetite of every reader. I am presently redoing the book as an Ebook for online sales and have been trying to figure the whole process out.

Your information has been a big help. I am still going through your site and trying to implement the good suggestions. Thanks so much! Hi Ali — I write a blog for an online company which sells home decorations which are mostly handmade, mostly in South East Asia.

I have free rein for many of the posts and have enjoyed coming up with topics of interest to me. I would definitely need time to create and photograph the content. A couple of questions: What is your recommendation? Thanks for this inspiring-and-motivating idea. Best of luck, Jeff! I think serialising your ebook on your blog sounds like a great way to stay motivated. Thanks so much Ali for doing this!

I gave myself this goal for the month of October and it was an epic fail. I am definitely going to get it down this month!! May the games begin! I am in the process of writing an ebook over energy niche.

Thanks for step by step process in writing an ebook. Timely and very informative. Could you let me know how to market our self made ebooks? Thanks, Richard, glad this was helpful! I started writing an e-book with maths exercises but I am kinda lazy and I get distracted very easily. I think I will try the 30 days deadline, maybe I will be more motivated. Good luck, Thalinda! I hope I can still meet up with it at the end of November, I want my ebook to get published and I know that coming to here to read this article is not by my doing, it is just God that sent me here.

Thanks very much Ali Luke. Thanks so much, Anthony! Reading this post i think that never ever give up. Write a good Quality post which will give you a best feedback like this post. Thanks for these tips! I think planning it out like this will make it much more possible. Thanks, Vicki! And best of luck with your ebook — I think a good plan is always the best place to start.

I was always a good writing in school and college and have always had good ideas. Writing an actual book, however, just seemed like a really intimidating task. I download into the idea that you can write ebooks in 30 days and my experience has shown that to be entirely possible. Nice article, it was a good read. Great post Ali. Which e-book creation platforms or methods do you recommend? Thanks for the great advice — very motivating. Do you have any advice on what platform to use to create the book?

Thanks, Lisa. What a great post! I am definetly going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, thanks to discovering it with this post. I have recently come up with an ebook idea, which has only been written about in two other ebooks. Do you think that this is probably an unpopular subject or an undiscovered niche by ebook writers?

Are there any ways of going about finding this out? Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. If those writers can do that, you can write a 20, word ebook in a month.

Go ahead and write that idea down, and then store it in a safe place. Leave it there for the next 30 days. A great ebook idea needs to be: If you do consulting or coaching, what problems come up again and again? Do your blog readers always ask for posts dealing with a particular issue? Ask your audience what they want, and give them a few possibilities to choose from.

Be prepared to be surprised! For instance, your chapters could follow a simple pattern like this: Work on your ebook at the right time of day. You might want to switch off your internet connection entirely, or use a program that blocks it for a certain period of time.

Use a timer. Set a timer for 30 minutes , then write until the time is up. Having the minutes ticking away is a real help when you need to stay on-task. If you need to check a quick fact, look up a link or add a screenshot, mark the place with yellow highlighter or something else highly visible — and come back to it later. Leave it and move on. You can come back to it at the editing stage and you may find that it works fine after all. The more you make writing a habit, the easier it becomes.

So, to see your eBook with fresh eyes, print it out — or transfer it onto your e-reader. Read through the whole thing in one go, and make a note of: Obviously, fix any glaring typos or mistakes that you spot, but avoid getting too bogged down. At this point, your ebook might look finished. Print out the ebook again, or view it as a PDF. Read through slowly, checking every sentence and word.

Particularly, look out for: Right now is the best time to write. Previous article: The Civility Manifesto: Next article: The Most Beautiful Boat in Town. Reader Comments Believe it or not, I actually wrote my first eBook with in a week. I agree with you on the shortness of some ebooks for sale out there.

The motto: I really like the outline. However, do you think this outline will work for an E-Cookbook? Reading your comment made me realize that this is equally applicable to video projects as well. This outline is extremely detailed and informative. Hey Clayton and Ali! How about NaeBoWriMo? Thanks for this great post, and I too will be joining. Bought your Dummies book on writing an ebook. Thanks for writing that.

Great write-up. I love your process. See you in LA! Cheers, Ricardo! I find timers incredibly useful when my focus is slipping. An excellent process. I would add two things to it: Ali, You make some really great points here. Earlier this year I ghost-wrote a book for a client in 23 days; each day I posted tips on how I did it: Thanks from Serbia! Good luck with NaNo, Kiki! Hope it goes brilliantly for you. Hope that helps someone. Best, Jennifer.

I think this process works well for fiction writing too. I agree, it absolutely works for fiction books. Already committed to it with a couple of friends… Thanks for the kick in the pants Ali! Hi Ali, Great job on making the writing process more accessible by putting it on a timeline. Now you got me pondering. Very nice outline and making something as challenging as writing a book, to very simple.

Great work. Writing a book is definitely challenging … but also definitely do-able. Very informative and timely!! Yay, and thanks Ngina! Best of luck with your ebook. Just what I needed right now!

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Yay, thanks Nancy! Thanks Joseph! How about a shorter ebook 10, words, say — per day is an average blog post! Hi Ali, I happened to read this at just the right time, writing a book is definitely in my bucket list,starting with an e-book seems like a brilliant idea, really grateful for the way in which you have shared yourself so freely, am daring myself to write an ebook in a month, come 1st December, will be talking a different story.

Hurrah, and good luck, Veehcirra! Hope your November goes really well. Hurrah, and good luck in November! Hope you do go for those few pages a day! Do you have any advice or have you written any other posts on how to price eBooks? Best of luck getting back into it! Thanks, Darlene! And I completely agree — showing up is half the battle won.I found this post while searching for information on how to create an eBook.

The ideal fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, txt, rtf reader! Ready on the exercise bike at the gym is one of my favorites.

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Book reading lists: But combine this vast book access with the ability to increase your reading speed, and you have enough challenge to last you for life! There is still some advice that they can be pages and I disagree with that.

You might not like this, but there is no other app I know off that can do this. Thanks for these tips! Can use for pleasure reading or to work on speeds.